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The Healers For Liberation Network is made possible by our donors. Without donations and financial support from our community, we could not offer our services free/pro bono or on a sliding scale. 

The donations from our community provide support for one to one therapy sessions for a black activist, free grief/loss support to an organizer dealing with a recent death, a healing session with a shaman for an organizer who has experienced police brutality, helps pay volunteers who give 4-5 hours a week to coordinate/organize the everyday logistical work needed to run this network and so much more...

You can give a little or you can give a lot. Nothing is too little or too small.


All of the organizers of the Healers For Liberation Network are volunteers, licensed clinicians as well as certified healers who believe in the mission, however we do a lot of hard work to make sure needs are met for our activists within the Movement For Black Lives. We do not believe in free labor or replicating harmful white supremacy models of working that assumes placing black, indigenous and POC folks in positions to work for free and not be compensated for their labor. 

Your donation provides more assistance with making this dream of accessible healing possible. Your donation allows us to implement more healing based work into the Movement for Black Lives. Your donation will help affirm the importance of centering healing our work of activism and organizing. 

We cannot do this work without your support

​Please help us build our mission and purpose to create healing communities for us and our future generations. 

Donate today. 


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